Information for School Administrators (SASA)

    The SNAT has a wing for headteachers subscribing under the SNAT. The services offered include the aims and objectives of the association shall be:

  1. To provide a forum for the exchange of views in all educational matters.

  2. To promote interchange of ideas and information between Head Teachers or the Deputy Head Teachers, The Ministry of Education and Training, Examinations Council of Swaziland and any other Educational Bodies Sub-Regionally, Regionally and international.

  3. To promote cooperation and understanding among members in working towards a common policy.

  4. To present the views of Head Teachers or Deputy Head Teachers in Education Bodies and in the formulation of Education Policy

  5. To serve the country by seeking to explore, evaluate and implement relevant educational developments.

  6. To organize seminars with the view to improving the performance of members on their duties.